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Patented "Fit All" Backrests & Back-supports

We can claim to have Backrests and Back-supports with "No Installation Needed" & which fit many Stock seats, because of our Unique & Patented design. All OTHER company's Backrests require Modifications to the bike and/or Labor intensive installation (drilling, disassembling, installing brackets etc...)  All OUR Backrests and Supports require none of this. "Out of the Box" they simply slip-on to your passenger strap or, if you have a slotted seat they simply plug-in with no needed brackets, drilling, wrench turning, or time. We guarantee the best support and the easiest installation. we DO NOT sacrifice quality for simplicity. see some examples of "No Installation Needed" below.


Clips to passenger strap or plugs in to existing slot (No Brackets)